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AndThe government has submitted declarations from highranking immigration personnel attesting to the serious problems this will create at the border.

In particular, thanks to Judge Dean Pregerson, Samuel Bray, David Christie, Travis Crum, Jeffrey Elkrief, Malcolm Feeley, Owen Fiss, Heather Gerken, Jonathan Marcus, Dahlia Mignouna, Rosa Po, Daniel Rauch, Judith Resnik, Noah Rosenblum, Julius Taranto, Daniel Winik, and, especially, Nicholas Parrillo.

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While the former can be evaluated according to the specific evidence in the case, the latter turns on the views of the judge about the extent to which the case affects the interests of unrepresented nonparties.

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Constitutionor a federal statute.While the DACA case provides a stark example of the trend in nationwide injunctions, at this point, it is hardly an outlier.

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City of Houston, No.An immediate writ of eviction shall not be issued when a tenant perfects an appeal.

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